What’s Your Excuse?

Dr. Clayton Lawrence, CEO, shares his thoughts in a weekly column focused on overall wellness in an otherwise toxic world. (Always consult with your own physician before beginning any new diet/exercise routine).

We can all come up with plenty of reasons we’re not getting enough exercise. There’s lack of time, no one to workout with, lack of energy and – a big one – not enough money. While all legitimate factors in designing a regular routine that works for your personal situation, when stripped down, these elements come down to one thing: excuses.

If you’re really serious about implementing physical activity into your daily schedule, we have got some comebacks to your excuses and some really simple ways to overcome what’s holding you back. Check them out!



There are always a few minutes to spare each day and that’s what’s so great about developing a routine for your unique situation. Find a time – even if it’s just 15 minutes a day – that works for you. Here are a few ways:

Set the alarm 15 minutes early.

Walk over your lunch break.

Bike to work.

Use a stability ball, rather than an office chair.

Pace while on the phone.

Take the stairs.


No one to work out with

There is no denying the benefits in having someone to work out with. An exercise buddy helps eliminate boredom, can provide motivation and helps pass the time more quickly. If no one is interested, look again! Here are a few ways to find a partner:

Join a gym that allows you to be surrounded by others.

Sign up for a workout class or adult league.

Ask a co-worker to join you for a lunchbreak walk.

Explore the apps on your smart device to connect with other athletes.


Lack of energy

This can be a huge hurdle to overcome, but, ironically, the more you exercise, the more energy you’ll have. So, while it’s important to get up and get moving, first consider where you stand on some of the important factors below:

Commit to making sleep a priority.

Drink more water.

Spend some time in the sun.

Have your vitamin levels checked by your doctor.

Schedule your workout time and stick to it.


Not enough money

A gym membership is not a requirement for getting or staying in shape. There are plenty of exercises that can be done at home, around the neighborhood or simply just through traveling. Here are a few suggestions:

Make your own weights with objects around the house like soup cans and books.

Do squats, lunges, push-ups, planks and sit-ups for an at-home routine.

Power walk around the neighborhood or inside the mall.

Check out free exercise apps.

Traveling can require a lot of walking.