What is LEAP, LLC, and How Are We Committed to the Fight Against COVID-19?

The weekly columns of Lawrence Executive Alliance of Professionals (LEAP), LLC, have covered a wide variety of important topics, from eating right and daily exercise, to mental health and living our best lives. But what about LEAP, LLC? What exactly do we do and why is this more important now than ever before?

Put simply, the mission of LEAP, LLC, is to globally provide competent and caring medical professionals for your comprehensive healthcare solutions, whether your need be for staffing or medical claims review. We stand committed to the tenet that every aspect of medicine is an art that we deliver to our clients with the efficiency of a strong business model.

This means that we take the time to understand the intricacies not only of our current healthcare situation, but of each and every facility with which we contract, because no two situations are alike.

Founded in 2007 by United States Army veteran Dr. Clayton Lawrence, LEAP, LLC, continues to provide superior quality healthcare for active duty, veteran and civilian patients.

Our physicians are chosen based on the esteemed reputation and high-level of performance established over the course of his or her medical career. And we ensure that our physicians develop a true partnership in the facilities they serve, and work daily to set a new standard for outstanding healthcare service.

Our nurses and nurse practitioners are on the front lines of daily patient interactions and, just like our physicians, are only the most skilled and highly regarded professionals to ensure that patients are treated with the highest level of quality and care.

Our pharmacy staffing provides hospitals, medical facilities, and clinics with certified and highly skilled pharmacists needed to assist in treating, advising, and preparing medications and treatments for patients, while our medical technicians engage in handling the regular and routine tests needed to assess the diagnoses and prognosis of patients.

And with medical clerical and claims review, as well as health promotion and education staff, contracting with LEAP, LLC, means that we’ve got medical facilities covered in all of the areas that allow them to meet each and every need of the patients who come through their doors.

LEAP, LLC’s awards, including a White House commendation and recognition as a Top 100 Minority Business Enterprise, are a testament to the excellent service the LEAP providers have delivered to their patients and the community.

As news about the coronavirus pandemic continues to change, LEAP has been working to address the disruptions experienced in the communities we serve and we will continue to provide assistance when and where we can.

We thank the front-line workers who bravely face the pandemic, caring for the critically ill, continuing to provide services for all procedures, and risking their own lives to save those of others. It is an honor to be a part of the fight against COVID-19 and we are committed to the eradication of this virus.