What Are You Waiting On? Get Moving!

We all know how important exercise is. If a good workout is already part of your regular routine, you understand how good it feels to physically and mentally reach a difficult goal. Your body feels strong, you feel capable of accomplishing anything, you sleep better, you consume more water and you may experience less depression or anxiety. So many benefits. If you aren’t exercising, you should be!

If your area is still under stay-at-home orders – which most are – then you may find yourself with a bit more time on your hands. It’s easy to incorporate a simple workout into your everyday routine. Sneak one in first thing in the morning or add one to your evening before settling in for the night. The important thing is to focus on variety. There are a few key factors you want to consider when creating your personalized fitness program. If you have a smartphone or smart TV, take advantage of the apps and other programs that help you personalize a routine that helps you meet your goals.

Here are a few elements that should go into the creation of a total body (and mind) workout that will help you feel your best:

Body Composition

Consider your body type and composition. Are you mostly an ectomorph (long and lean with little body fat and muscle), endomorph (stocky, wider build with more muscle and possibly more fat), or a mesomorph (lean and muscular simultaneously and able to easily build well-defined muscles)? Many individuals are a combination of these body types, but knowing which type you are can help you build an effective fitness program, since some lose weight more easily and will benefit from intense aerobics to shed fat, while others should focus on muscle building through weight-lifting.


Exercise can help your muscles better react to stretching that comes from a full range of motion. When you have increased your range of motion, it will be easier to complete certain exercises and you’ll experience an improvement in posture and mobility, and a reduction in the risk of injury and muscle soreness. Be sure to stretch before a workout!

Muscular Endurance / Muscular Strength

These two go hand-in-hand, with both working together to help you complete activities like lifting heavy boxes, chopping wood and mowing the grass up a hill, all without getting too tired to complete the task.

Heart and lung endurance

The more you exercise, the more your heart and lungs can handle. During your first week of exercise, you may start off on a light jog and two minutes in, find yourself winded and unable to continue. As your heart and lungs become healthier, you’ll find that the time it takes to return to normal after completing an activity will decrease, you’ll be able to run or bike for longer and tackle more difficult challenges without tiring out too quickly.