The work of Ambassador of El Salvador to the US continues to celebrate diversity & youth education

Dr. Clayton Lawrence, President and CEO of LEAP LLC, was honored to attend a private reception, hosted by Dr. Canjura de Centeno, on February 13 at the Embassy of El Salvador, in celebration of the Latino Student Fund 25thanniversary. He joined Maria Fernanda Borja, President and CEO of Latino Student Fund, with whom he has collaborated on initiatives that benefit minority youth in Washington, D.C., and the surrounding areas.

Dr. Canjura de Centeno’s appointment in Washington, D.C., followed a medical career managing health institutions in El Salvador. She holds a master’s degree in public health, which she received from José Simeón Cañas Central American University, and a medical degree, earned at the University of El Salvador. She went on to work in foreign ministry and completed two prior assignments as ambassador in both Guatemala and Russia, among other roles. It is her commitment to the higher education of Latinos that most strikes a chord with fellow physician, Dr. Lawrence.

“Dr. Canjura de Centeno is making great things happen for the Latino population both here in Washington, D.C., and abroad and it is a privilege to attend an event that honors the commitment to introducing opportunities for those who otherwise may fall through the cracks,” Dr. Lawrence said. “The Latino Student Fund mission – to provide opportunities for a strong academic foundation to underserved PreK through 12th-grade students of Hispanic descent – blends well with our own mission at LEAP Foundation DC to bridge the gap between hope and achievement for minority and disadvantaged youth.”

According to the LSF website, the organization offers academic support for at-risk students, alleviating barriers to higher education among first generation youth. In addition, the nonprofit’s programming empowers Latino families to serve as strong advocates for their children.

For LEAP Foundation DC, the goal is simple: Address unmet social and health needs of the people of the District of Columbia. By providing educational and training opportunities, LEAP’s programs advocate for the health and wellness of community members, deliver services to individuals and families in need, support location organizations in their efforts to improve their community and provide a stage for those who are overlooked and disregarded.

“It is clear that our organizations strive to create a healthy, vibrant community and a future that is full of opportunity and success for individuals that we recognize as incredibly deserving human beings,” Dr. Lawrence said. “LEAP is not only making this happen at a local level, but on national and global levels, as well. Most recently, we have offered support to Mentor Me India and Kids Run Miami, both programs that align perfectly with our dedication to the health, wellness and education of our youth.”