Stay Healthy and Safe When Heading Outdoors

Many of us are enjoying the offerings that warmer weather has brought: the chance to get some fresh air following the COVID-19 shut downs across the country, the opportunity to increase our Vitamin D levels and the freedom to work out in the open air, rather than in a gym or at home. While it’s important to practice federal and state guidelines to continue to stop the spread of the coronavirus, doctors say in some parts of the country that it’s OK to gather (especially outside) in groups smaller than 10 and in other areas to resume normal activities. Please be cautious, however, and continue to wear a mask when appropriate, be considerate of high-risk friends and family members, and wash your hands frequently.

With COVID-19 business aside, there are still important steps to follow to stay safe when heading outdoors. Below is a checklist of ways you can keep yourself and your loved ones healthy as the weather continues to warm up.

Be prepared with plenty of water to rehydrate.

Be mindful of the sun’s harmful rays and slather on that sunscreen periodically.

If possible, dress in light long-sleeved clothing to avoid direct UV rays.

Wear sunglasses to protect the eyes.

Keep the lips from getting burned by regularly applying a natural lip balm.

Follow water safety rules, especially where children are involved.

Keep a safe distance from others (social distancing is still important).

Wear proper footwear to keep the feet protected from injury.

Avoid crowded areas to make it easier to social distance.

Pack an emergency kit that includes personal medications, insect repellant, sunscreen, matches, extra batteries, a flashlight, etc.

Share travel plans and locations with family members or friends.

Be sure to check the weather before heading out for any important alerts.

When hiking, choose trails that are appropriate for everyone involved.

Becoming familiar with reading a map and using a compass.

Keep ticks and mosquitoes away by using an insect repellent that contains DEET.