Quarantines Can Be Tough, But It’s Easy to Use It for Good

As we continue to battle as a country and a world, the coronavirus pandemic has created not only anxiety and fear, but a time, for some, to slow down. While many are complaining about being under stay-at-home orders and the extra time spent with children home, now is a great opportunity to reconsider areas of your life that could use a second look.

No one wants to be stuck at home. And many professionals – such as those on the front lines in hospitals, EMTs, police and fire personnel – don’t have the luxury of “working from home.” If you are granted the opportunity to slow down your life, be grateful. Use this time for good.

What might be gained?



Discover a new appreciation for healthcare workers who provide care every day throughout the year, from primary care physicians and nurses to emergency care docs. These incredible professionals have risked their lives for months, caring for patients of the coronavirus and risking the health of their own families by continuing to show up to work each day. No one expected this unbelievable health crisis to happen, but when it did, doctors, nurses, those in healthcare did not waver. They took to the front lines, saving lives and caring for the sick and dying.

Healthier habits

Now is a great time to take a look at your regular habits. Take this time to reset your sleep schedule, striving for 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night; increase your fluid intake, focusing on getting 8 glasses of water per day; give up unhealthy habits like smoking; cooking from home presents a great opportunity to focus on nutrients found in fresh fruits and veggies, rather than battered and fried foods; and consider a few indoor physical activities that can allow you to take care of your body.

An opportunity to evaluate mental health

Not only are we in the middle of a healthcare crisis, but the mental health crisis continues and is only getting worse. Whether it’s anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression or other mental health conditions, it is important to be open and honest with feelings and to find a trusted friend or professional with whom to share. Take this time to open up and discover resources and tools that can help you manage your mental health. Try out things like daily meditation, yoga, exercise, therapy and changing your reaction to the negative in the world. Be honest and gentle with yourself and take control of your situation by learning positive ways to react.

A chance to reset financially  

Finances go hand-in-hand with health and wellness. If finances are tight, it can be hard to focus on physical or mental health. Many are struggling financially as we continue to make our way through the coronavirus pandemic. With incomes drastically reduced for many, times are incredibly uncertain. But there are also valuable resources available during this time. Check out our LEAP Foundation DC blog that we released today regarding the financial crisis. But most importantly, remember that knowledge is power. Take this time to take control of your finances by knowing where you stand. Your situation may not be ideal, but at least you’ll be able to make some informed decisions to create a plan of action. This can go a long way for your health and wellness.