“New Medical Staffing Company Poised to Inject a Dose of Hope to Area”

Washington DC — October 3, 2008 — Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, a strong supporter of small businesses, has proudly announced that LEAP, LLC, founded by a local physician and business entrepreneur, is now celebrating its first year anniversary, today at the Rayburn building.

The success of this company is remarkable given the current declining economic climate where many businesses are merely struggling to survive. LEAP has rapidly become a premiere Washington metropolitan medical staffing company and its meteoric rise is directly attributed to the tenacity of its founder, Dr. Clayton Lawrence, a Harvard-trained physician and Veteran soldier of the Gulf War.

It is widely recognized that new (or small) businesses often fail because they have very small margins which do not provide fiscal sustainability during periods of economic downturn and corresponding limited capitol/reserves. But, one clinician honed in on his business acumen and came up with a plan.

According to Dr. Lawrence, “I foresaw the imminent collapses occurring in the financial and economic landscape and decided that I would try something different. The financial bailouts by the US government of large corporations like Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, AIG, remind me that I was correct in structuring my company with a business model based on sound fiscal leadership and planning.”

This thorough preparation paid off and led LEAP to booming success. But Dr. Lawrence has not rested on his laurels. He is currently steering his company to new heights and will use its success to launch the delivery of health care to indigent populations around the Washington metropolitan area.

Among LEAP’s other successes, the company last year earned its 8(a) certification by the Small Business Administration (SBA), disadvantaged business certification by DC, Veteran’s Disability Classification, and was awarded its first contract at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, providing nursing support. With its strong recruitment and smart marketing strategy, LEAP’s operating budget will more than double for the next year.

Community-oriented service is a huge component of Dr. Lawrence’s business model. Because he believes in giving back to a community that has nourished him, he flatly rejects any applicant that does not show a commitment to providing care to those who need it the most — the uninsured and military disabled veterans. How refreshing and patriotic.

As the good doctor puts it, “To whom much is given, much is expected.” Now, THAT’s, good medicine. air max air max air max