Let the New Year Be About Better Overall Health and Wellness

Today is the day that people all around the world reflect on the past year and decide what worked and what didn’t, what they’re most proud of and what they don’t feel so great about. Tonight, resolutions will be made and, while some will be kept, the majority will be forgotten in the coming weeks, leading to disappointment and regret.

There is a reason most people give up on those big ambitions set on New Year’s Eve. For starters, emotions are high on this special night as we count down to the start of the next 365 days. The thought of a new year gives us hope for a fresh start. And while that is an incredible feeling, it’s important to consider what is attainable through commitment and dedication. The trick to this is to turn resolutions into decisions that become habits, ultimately leading to better overall health and wellness.

Let your:

Weight loss goals be about overall health and wellness through a commitment to eating well, staying hydrated, getting plenty of sleep and exercising regularly.

Turn your:

Desire for more money into a quest to reach your ultimate career goals. Maybe this is the year to further your education, ask for that promotion or brush up your resume to get back into the job market.

Make your:

Aspiration to quit smoking a reality by taking the steps to replace old habits with newer, healthier ones. This includes identifying the moments and situations that lead to a craving for cigarettes, visiting a doctor for support, making non-smoking friends and adding exercise to encourage the brain to release positive, supportive chemicals.

Give your:

Confidence a boost by doing all of the above! You’ll stand taller, speak louder and take more risks when you’re feeling your best, so work toward a few healthier changes and your ability to believe in your own strengths and abilities will naturally grow.