The Journey of 10,000 Miles for Hope, Change, and Life

LEAP CEO, Dr. Clayton Lawrence has eclipsed the 10,000-mile marker in running marathons, half marathons, and other races to support charitable causes.

WASHINGTONJuly 1, 2016 — In a journey five years in the making, Dr. Clayton Lawrence surpassed a major milestone in June by completing more than 10,000 miles of running to support charitable causes. Through a passion for endurance sports that began in 2011, Dr. Lawrence not only made a personal commitment to lead by example with his own health and wellness goals, but dedicated himself to running for those facing some of the greatest health battles of their lives.

A decorated veteran of the United States Army, Dr. Lawrence is incredibly familiar with not only serving, standing up for, and representing those who cannot always do so for themselves, but to also living a lifestyle that allows him to serve and lead others on a daily basis. Having these principles instilled in him during his time in the military is what sparked his curiosity to begin training for marathons.

“I learned very early in my military career that personal fitness was something that would be important to me for the rest of my life. Not only did it give me the discipline and focus to be successful in my day-to-day roles and responsibilities, but it truly allowed me to help others in my medical profession as well,” he stated. “Marathon training allowed me to continue a strict health regimen, but what became even more important to me were the causes that these races supported. Through running them, I was able to directly impact incredible organizations and individuals that need others to stand up, show up, and be a voice for advancing their causes.”

Lawrence has earned 80 marathon medals, running in 15 states and 5 different countries since 2011, and in doing so has supported several different non-profit and charitable organizations, including: American Red Cross, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, Catch a Lift Fund, St. Jude Foundation, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, Semper Fi Fund, Demand Cures, ING Run for Something Better, and Inheritance of Hope.

“This journey,” Lawrence continued, “while it started out as being a challenge to myself to be in the best mental and physical shape of my life, quickly transformed into being about inspiring others to make powerful and positive choices that will ultimately empower them to live healthier and happier lives.”

He concluded, “I cannot thank the many, many supporters that I have had over these past five years enough. I hope that their support, along with my personal efforts, encourages people to be involved in the important issues that face their communities and that we can each recognize our own ability to make the world a better place in our own ways.” nike air max schwarz nike air max schwarz nike air max schwarz