“Grateful for Exercising the Havana Marathon & the Week with the Executive Delegation”

After being a part of the Prince George’s County Business Exploratory Mission to Cuba, Dr. Clayton Lawrence brought the week to a close by completing the Havana Marathon.

WASHINGTONNov. 21, 2016 — Yesterday after a week of meeting with many of the top political, business, and educational leaders in Cuba, Dr. Clayton Lawrence, completed the Havana Full Marathon. Earning more than 80 medals, across 5 different countries, and completing more than 10,000 miles since he began competing in endurance sports in 2011, Dr. Lawrence counts every race as one to be uniquely remembered.

The Havana Marathon, for Dr. Lawrence, serves as a reminder of the now open road towards progress that has been paved by President Barack Obama’s Administration to ease trade relations between the United States and Cuba. “After an unbelievable week of meeting with the leaders of Cuba, this race becomes so incredibly symbolic of a journey that has been a long time coming, one that still has a long way to go, but one that we can now see a goal and finish line for ahead,” Lawrence began.

First held in 1987, the Marabana Havana Marathon had very few Americans ever participate legally in the event, due to over 50 years of travel restrictions caused by the U.S. embargo against Cuba. Dr. Lawrence is fully aware of what his ability to participate in this race means, and what his traveling to the country for the purposes of this last week has meant in a much larger sense for the global economy and for the respect of global partnerships between once adversarial countries.

“Never in my lifetime have the United States and Cuba had a more open-minded and considerate view of one another, and the opportunities that I have been so privileged to be granted with this week are just a microcosm of the potential for future greatness that these two countries could have in working together,” Lawrence continued.

“Everywhere I go, I try to carry with me my personal commitment to health and wellness, along with my focus and ambition towards bringing thoughtful collaboration to some of the things that I work hardest to promote in my many daily roles,” Lawrence stated. “To have this trip bring together business and civic endeavors, along with it giving me the ability to continue achieving personal wellness goals, in a race that once was not open to American citizens, truly symbolizes the type of global progress that we should all be excited about. ”

Lawrence concluded, “I am truly grateful to have been a part of such an unbelievable week and would like to thank all of Havana for its hospitality and the Prince George’s County Baker’s delegation; this experience has been beyond what words can describe.” nike air max schwarz nike air max schwarz nike air max schwarz