“Cuba shares its rich culture and opportunities for mutual investments”

As part of a forty-two-member delegation in Cuba this week, Dr. Clayton Lawrence shares some of the initiatives taking place and the hope for future opportunities
 WASHINGTONNov. 16, 2016 — After arriving in Cuba on Tuesday, November 15th, Dr. Clayton Lawrence, along with forty-two other business executives from Prince George’s County, are well underway in meeting with local Cuban officials and business leaders to explore the opportunities for future partnerships.

This trip began taking shape after President Barack Obama announced détente with Cuba nearly two years ago at the end of 2014. The announcement came after more than five decades of hostility between the former Cold War enemies. President Obama’s change in policy regarding United States and Cuban relations eased the embargo in a number of areas, including, but not limited to those of travel, trade, telecommunications, financial services, and remittances.

The 42 individuals that represent Baker’s largest delegation ever on similar exploratory trips are experts in the healthcare, education, construction, information technology, arts and humanities, non-profits, and engineering sectors. Dr. Lawrence’s expertise, as a decorated veteran physician, a health and wellness professional, and as a non-profit foundation chairman, have him keenly interested in a number of different aspects of this trip.

“Day two, here in Cuba, is giving each of the executives in attendance the opportunity to engage in a number of high-level meetings with County Executive Baker and Cuban officials,” Lawrence explained. “While my primary focus will be to determine some of the most pressing healthcare needs of the Cuban people and the ways in which healthcare staffing companies could potentially help better serve medical facilities and patients throughout the country, I will also be deeply focused on charitable and philanthropic initiatives that could transform the lives and communities of some of Cuba’s most disadvantaged populations.”

Dr. Lawrence, and both his company and nonprofit foundation, LEAP, LLC, and LEAP Foundation DC, are far from strangers to the global economy and worldwide charitable initiatives. “I am driven, by the vision and mission of both of my organizations, to bring the success we’ve been fortunate to attain to other parts of the world. In a short 48 hours, I have already had the opportunity to glean invaluable information about this country, and if afforded the opportunity one day, will use this information to be a valuable partner in these historic exploratory initiatives.”

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