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Raising Awareness in September  

With such a heavy focus on COVID-related topics lately, we wanted to draw attention to a few important health-related matters that are part of September’s effort to raise awareness. Childhood obesity Through our partner nonprofit organization, LEAP Foundation DC, we are proud to have supported organizations like Students Run LA and Kids Run Miami that […]

Connecting Through Physical Activity

Lawrence Executive Alliance of Professionals (LEAP), LLC, is committed to providing top-quality health care for those who need it most, providing comprehensive service for veteran and civilian patients at facilities across the country. We believe that affordable, quality healthcare inspires our communities to lead healthier lifestyles, that early detection is the key to the prevention […]

What is LEAP, LLC, and How Are We Committed to the Fight Against COVID-19?

The weekly columns of Lawrence Executive Alliance of Professionals (LEAP), LLC, have covered a wide variety of important topics, from eating right and daily exercise, to mental health and living our best lives. But what about LEAP, LLC? What exactly do we do and why is this more important now than ever before? Put simply, […]

Boost That Immune System Through Fresh Fruits and Veggies

In last week’s column, we talked about an additional important way to stop the spread of COVID-19. While wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, washing hands and covering coughs and sneezes are all great ways to stay healthy, so is providing an extra boost to our immune systems. This intricate germ-fighting process is pretty self-sufficient, […]

Congressman John Lewis: A Light Has Grown Dim

We all have our person. The one that provides encouragement and inspiration. That is a positive, productive leader. A hero. Dr. Clayton Lawrence, president and CEO of Lawrence Executive Alliance of Professionals (LEAP), LLC, recently reflected on what a pleasure it was to spend a moment with the late Congressman John Lewis, who passed away […]