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Immune Boosting Foods  

The strength of our immune system is reliant upon our commitment to doing everything we can to maintain optimal health and wellness. This includes obvious factors, such as getting the proper amount of sleep each night (or day, depending on your work schedule), getting ample exercise, rehydrating the body with plenty of fluids, managing stress […]

Quarantines Can Be Tough, But It’s Easy to Use It for Good

As we continue to battle as a country and a world, the coronavirus pandemic has created not only anxiety and fear, but a time, for some, to slow down. While many are complaining about being under stay-at-home orders and the extra time spent with children home, now is a great opportunity to reconsider areas of […]

LEAP’s Services Meet Critical Needs

In the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, Lawrence Executive Alliance of Professionals continues to provide healthcare services across the nation at contracted facilities. We’re supporting those who are facing difficult times, as we always do, and now is a great time to showcase the many talented professionals we can offer and areas of need that […]