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The Health of Our Nation, Part 2

Last week, our weekly post addressed the historic Capitol riots that took place on a critical day for our democracy – the certification of the electoral results. January 6, 2021, will now always be remembered as the day a protest became an insurrection. The coup was unsuccessful, however, despite the day’s terror. Supporters of Donald […]

Let the New Year Be About Better Overall Health and Wellness

Today is the day that people all around the world reflect on the past year and decide what worked and what didn’t, what they’re most proud of and what they don’t feel so great about. Tonight, resolutions will be made and, while some will be kept, the majority will be forgotten in the coming weeks, […]

A Healthy Start Can Lead to a Better Day

Even before the pandemic that caused many disruptions in our day-to-day living, mornings were tough. The best night’s sleep doesn’t even make it easy to get out of bed on colder mornings. But pair the pandemic worries with working and learning from home and the stresses of the upcoming holidays, and rising in the morning […]

Thirteen Ways to Stay Healthy and Safe During the Holiday Season 

We are in the middle of the holiday season, with Thanksgiving kicking off what traditionally is a time of overeating, festive celebrations and gift-giving. This year is different in many ways, with the second surge of COVID-19 preventing us from holding our annual get-togethers, but the typical unhealthy habits and situations that often surface at […]