A Message of Hope

During a time when the world seems to be increasingly divided, it is important to recognize the interactions that bring us hope. Dr. Clayton Lawrence, President and CEO of Lawrence Executive Alliance of Professionals (LEAP), LLC, and President and Founder of LEAP Foundation DC, has had the pleasure of witnessing the extraordinary work of a young professional who is sure to make great things happen in the medical field.

Since its founding, LEAP, LLC, has been driven by a mentality of servant leadership. Latina Malone is a young professional that is clearly committed to serving her patients during their time of need. Her extraordinary service and commitment are certainly inspirational not only for her colleagues and patients, but for young mentees who are beginning their journey in a professional career.

As a token of his appreciation, Dr. Lawrence presented Latina with a copy of his book, “The Sum of My Success,” which he hopes will inspire and encourage her to work toward reaching her goals. The pages explore the doctor’s various daily roles and the journey he is on to achieve greatness in each of those roles.

We understand that times are incredibly difficult for our country, but we believe we are on the cusp of something incredible. Let us join together to lift up today’s young people and encourage them, even through difficult times, to stay determined and remain committed to embracing their talents and skills. We look forward to seeing the positive impact today’s generation of leaders will have on our country’s tomorrows.