A Healthy Start Can Lead to a Better Day

Even before the pandemic that caused many disruptions in our day-to-day living, mornings were tough. The best night’s sleep doesn’t even make it easy to get out of bed on colder mornings. But pair the pandemic worries with working and learning from home and the stresses of the upcoming holidays, and rising in the morning bright-eyed and bushy-tailed just isn’t realistic.

Mornings will always be tough for many of us, but there are countless ways we can start the day right so that we are energized and ready for a productive day.


Here are a few ways you can ramp up your morning routine:



You don’t have to do your full exercise routine in the morning, but it’s a great idea to do a couple of stretches and do something to get your heart rate up to start the day. Doing so can get your blood circulating after a sedentary night, lead to a better mood, provide energy and can even lead to healthier food choices throughout the day.

Cold shower

It can be tempting to hop into a hot shower, but that can only lead to feeling even more relaxed. Lower your temperature for a quick jolt to the system that not only wakes you up, but increases circulation, makes your skin and hair look great and helps your muscles recover after that morning workout.

Replace caffeine with hot lemon water 

Most people turn to coffee or tea in the morning to wake up, but we encourage you to consider the benefits of hot lemon water followed by a glass of cold water. The hot lemon water, which provides a boost of Vitamin C, can be a refreshing alternative to plain water and can lead to better digestion.

 Eat a great breakfast

Pairing that lemon water with a great breakfast can help you balance your sugar after a long night with nothing to eat or drink. Consider foods that are packed with benefits, like eggs and cheese for protein, milk for vitamin D, and fruits for natural sugars.

Set up your day the night before 

Get a better night’s sleep and an easier start to the day by creating a to-do list of priorities for the next day. Knowing what needs to happen the night before, even if the list is lengthy, can help keep things in one place and can provide a plan that is immediately actionable. This can eliminate a sleepless night of anticipation and can help you start right away without trying to unsort what appears to be an overwhelming day.