A Happy, Health-filled Valentine’s Day to You!

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and there’s sure to be plenty of savory dishes, chocolates and desserts. But spending the evening with the one you love doesn’t have to be about carbs, calories and candy. In fact, there are plenty of healthy alternatives to the traditional V-Day treats and dates.

When planning your special date night, think about activities that allow you to spend time with the special people in your life that don’t just offer a time of commitment, but that support a healthy lifestyle.

Skip the movies, opt for the couch

Going to the movies can cost a fortune and it is filled with tempting snacks that offer no nutritional value. From the buttery popcorn and salty nachos and cheese, to the oversized sodas and slushies, you won’t find fresh fruits and veggies behind the movie counter. On the contrary, watching a movie at home offers many positives, including a better seating arrangement, comfortable clothing, healthy snacks prepared your way and a savings of about 40 bucks.

Have fun in the kitchen

Often paired with that sodium- and sugar-filled date at the movies, dinner out on Valentine’s Day can be pretty expensive and high on calories. Alternatively, staying home and preparing a meal in the kitchen not only offers control over the menu, but unrestricted time to slow down and enjoy each other’s company. If kids are a factor in your life, invite them to join you and teach them the value in home-cooking with the ones you love.

Rethink that gift

If you’re like most people, chocolates and sweets are probably the first things that come to mind when considering a gift for that special someone. Hold that thought. While chocolate is certainly a welcome gift, there are so many meaningful ideas that can say “I care about you.” Consider a couple’s retreat to a spa or membership for two to the gym, or get really creative and design a fruit basket, a “100 things I love about you” jar or design a thoughtfully-worded card.