21 benefits of yoga

Dr. Clayton Lawrence, CEO, shares his thoughts in a weekly column focused on overall wellness in an otherwise toxic world. (Always consult with your own physician before beginning any new diet/exercise routine).

So many people have discovered that yoga is more than just stretching and breathing. Practicing a regular yoga routine can bring about such positive and lasting changes to an individual’s overall health and wellness that it’s a shame more people haven’t given it a shot. There are styles that are rigorous for the body and the mind, those that offer a good cleanse, some that are offered in heated rooms, and others that allow the participant to test his or her physical limits. Whatever the desired outcome, there’s a yoga class that promises to rejuvenate, destress, strengthen and reset the body and mind. Here are a few benefits of yoga:


An opportunity for self-reflection

Stress relief

Increased muscle strength and tone

Weight control

Improved posture

Improved digestion

Spiritual connection

Better sleep

Lower blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar

Increased blood flow

Optimized breathing

A mind-body connection

More grounded and more focused

Increased metabolism

Injury prevention thanks to increased flexibility, strength and body awareness

Improved stamina

More positive body image

Decreased joint pain

Helps boost the immune system

Improved skin tone

Reduced anxiety and depression